Snapseed is one of the best professional photo editing applications made easy for your photo editing requirements. It allows you to use different filters on your images and glorify them quickly and easily. The application also supports and opens JPG and RAW files, enabling you to edit them easily.

The application is developed by Google and updated frequently for a seamless user experience. Snapseed Apk has many features such as detailing, tuning an image, crop, brightness, perspectives, rotating, curve, expansion, vignette, lens blur, glamour glow, tonal contrast, etc., to an image.

You can also export the images to your photo gallery. The changes will be made to the replica of the original photographs so that the original remains untouched. Sharing images with your friends on social media is also an option. Best Apps like Snapseed For Windows PC, Android, and iOS users can easily access the application.

Amazingly snapseed adds effects to the photographs and makes them look fuller and richer as per your need, but having options sometimes also seems a good idea. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the best alternatives to Snapseed.

List of Best Snapseed Alternatives:

1. Adobe Photoshop ( Mac/ Windows)

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used editing software by professionals. It is a paid application, but the payment is worth all the features it has to offer. You can create, enhance, edit, and filter photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork. It also gives you the option to edit and enhance videos.

But there are other things it has to offer. From designing posters to making websites, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software top designing companies use.

It has separate tools, especially for illustrators with clean and intelligent strokes. The application updates are something every creative guy waits for fun as they are fun and exciting. However, you may need a course to use it to its maximum potential.

2. VSCO ( Apple/ Android)

VSCO a free image editing and enhancing application on iTunes and Google PlayStore. You have multiple options after clicking a picture in the application. There is also the option of editing a picture from the gallery. The application has the highest positive reviews for the filters it houses.

The user interface has smooth navigation and easy exploration of various editing options. The most used features include contrast, exposure, brightness, filter menu, temperature, and fade. You can draw inspiration from the website as users can upload their edited images.

You can also search for pictures based on and using tags. And there is also an option to share your creations on social media.

3. Polarr Photo Editor (Windows/ Mac/ iOS/ Android/ Linux)

best snapseed alternatives

This is one of the most used Image editing applications for Instagram posts. It is quick, easy, and can be used on the go. The tools are easy to use, and the enhancement is better and faster than other applications. Its peculiarity is that it includes high-end professional editing tools such as Split toning and Dehaze, Histogram, and 3D touch ( for iOS only).

The free filters in the application are some of the best ones, adding a lot more story to your pictures. It also has the option to have multiple users in one account if you upgrade to the pro version. To add to the workspace environment, it offers an infinite number of undo and redo along with the history.

4. Pixlr ( Browser/ Android/ iOS)

best snapseed alternatives

The application is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. It is listed among the ‘Best-Photo Editor Application’ on Google Play. It includes a wide range of tools and effects. One of the easiest and most professional options to balance colors is boiled down to as simple as the ‘Auto-fix’ option. You can use the application on your browser as well.

It is popular among teenagers due to its collage feature. It allows you to arrange 25 photos in a single collage, offering various backgrounds, layouts, and spacing options. The application also offers various text options, stickers, and overlays. Advanced options include ‘Double Exposure,’ which lets you blend and layer the photographs. The interface is attractive and easy to navigate.

5. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App ( Android/ iOS)

best snapseed alternatives

This is one of the newest yet trendiest applications in the market. It also offers video editing, photo editing, workflow, formatting options, and cloud storage. The application comes with an in-app camera to take pictures with filters and further edit them then and there. The creativity is powered by the company-built AI, which takes the images to the next level.

You can also edit an existing image from the gallery and create collages while traveling. One of the best options is adding an effect to only a particular section of the image and creating a combination of customized effects. Teenagers love it as they can have cutouts from an image and easily create memes. Tools such as magic object removal, intelligent color matches, etc., are free.


In conclusion, Snapseed is a popular photo editing tool, but having more options at your fingertips is always better. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Snapseed, some of the best options include Adobe Photoshop, VSCO, Polarr Photo Editor, Pixlr, and PhotoDirector Photo Editor. 

These alternative photo editing tools have unique features that make them stand out and offer something for everyone, no matter your level of expertise.

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