Snapseed vs Photoshop ? Who win battle in Mobile Editing ?

Have you been wondering how to edit your photos? Let me tell you that is the easy part. What comes after might seem a tad bit tricky. You can quickly learn to edit in a matter of few days, but the question is which app or software should you use? If you are on the same page as I am, then worry not. Read ahead as I have put a comparative study between Photoshop and Snapseed. Which one is better, which should you use. What exactly are they and how do they differ.

Snapseed vs Photoshop? Who win battle in Mobile Editing? To find out, put on your reading glasses.

Before we get to the question of Snapseed vs Photoshop? Who win battle in Mobile Editing? Let us discuss what exactly are these two things. It would be only fair, right?

Adobe Photoshop is an extensively used software used for editing, graphic designing, and making digital art. What this software does is simply allow the user to create layers in order to give depth and flexibility. More than that, it provides some really powerful tools that can enhance your photo by a manifold. Photoshop was created by Thomas and John Knoll. They sold their product to Adobe Systems, and since then it has become a standard software for editing and graphic designing. Now it has even become an app for mobile users.

When it comes to Snapseed, then you should know that it is a Google acquisition to push forward Google’s photo-capabilities. It has been turned into a powerful photo-editing app that can be used on smartphones or tablets. Nik Software is the company which initially made Snapseed, making it excel with a wide range of photo filters, plug-in products, high dynamic range (HDR) filters, etc. Google always keeps on working to increase its capabilities.

Snapseed vs Photoshop

Now that you have a brief introduction to the two let’s get to the comparison of snapseed vs photoshop express.

What does Snapseed provide its user in order the answer the question of snapseed vs photoshop express

A Quora thread says that Snapseed deems to be a better choice because it designed in such a way that it quick and brilliant when it comes to retouching of photos. It is a mobile application that is created with an impressive algorithm. It is not only fast, fully controllable but it is also a user-friendly UI. The filters that a user finds on Snapseed basically acts like layers which can be easily erased off in the portions of the picture which the user does not want to be edited. Since it is made with a clean UI if compared to other apps, it allows just about anyone to use it and become a pro at it. Photoshop is for people who want to indulge in some serious work of photo editing. It allows the user to edit a photo more professionally and extensively.

So, in the debate of Snapseed vs Photoshop? Who win battle in Mobile Editing? Right now, Snapseed is winning the battle.

Let us now see the side of Photoshop. When it comes to photoshop, then it is a known fact that it is a standard photo-editing software which has extended itself to a mobile application as well. This software gives its user a lot many things to learn if compared to Snapseed. In a way, it can be said that Photoshop is made with a heavy learning curve and because of this, there are wider possibilities for the user to take advantage of.

The downer is that whereas Snapseed is free of annoying ads that pop up while a person is using the app, Photoshop is not. This points to a rather clumsy environment for editing picture or graphic designing on phones. To add more points for Snapseed, I would like to add that Adobe Photoshop is not a free software, unlike Snapseed. There are more filters in the latter than the former. But it should also be mentioned that Photoshop has a greater number of frames than Snapseed.

This seems to be only one victory point for Photoshop because it lacks an HDR Adjustment which its opponent doesn’t. Since we are at the discussion of snapseed vs photoshop express, let me also tell that photoshop for mobile does not carry a tilt-shift and cannot adjust curves.

By now in the debate of Snapseed vs Photoshop? Who win battle in Mobile Editing, it has become apparent that Snapseed seems like a better choice for editing pictures on mobile phones. It has much more features, capabilities, flexibility, and options. It is even easy to use and understand. Even though Photoshop is a prominent photo editing software but it stands nowhere near Snapseed. It is tad bit heavier than Snapseed as well.

In conclusion of snapseed vs photoshop express, I would like to declare that Snapseed has won the competition. I would suggest that if you are a person who wants to edit pictures of their phones, then you should go for this app. I would Snapseed a 4 Star. Even though it was a tough competition between the two, yet the former has proven to be better than the latter.

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