5 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android Download

Clicking a picture just the way it is has become old fashioned now. Whether it is an interview, portfolio making, or DP for social media platforms, photo requires processing before upload. But sometimes, you need to find a faster and easier way when you are a novice or your time is running out. Mobile editing tools are truly a relief to such users. But with the introduction of so many photo editing apps in the past few years, the choice-making has become tough. Every app has its unique features. So here is a list of top 5 best photo editor apps that you try your hands on.

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio:

When it comes to mobile editing, PicsArt tops the chart because of the number of features it provides. Apart from basic features like color, contrast, saturation, brightness, and highlights, it comes preloaded with numerous advanced features like dispersion, crop, stretch cutouts, add text,  clone and curve adjusting features.

It is loaded with more than 100 fonts and powerful AI-enabled effects that never fail to surprise. It also has one of its kinds of layering feature to enable double exposure and adjust transparency. The biggest of all the reasons that it tops the chart is because it is free of cost and extremely user-friendly.

Why Install PicsArt ?

  1. The AI-powered effects keep evolving according to the user.
  2. AI enables us to use a camera with live effects.
  3. Tweak particular parts of your image using the brush tool.
  4. Add new layers to double the exposure and manipulate transparency.

Bottom line: A must-have for day to day users, social media enthusiasts, and selfie lovers.

  1. LightX Photo Editor

This app can also be used by professionals because of the advanced features it comes with. The major three advance features of this app are:

  1. Selective tool – Be selective of the areas you want to edit.
  2. Object tool – Be specific of the object you wish to edit.
  3. Eraser tool – Automatically identifies and erases the background.

If due to some reason, the app can’t identify the background, the user can select it manually and edit it the way they want.

What makes it more advance?

It also comes with category editing options.

  1. In the Mixing pane, one can find a color mix, color blend effects and many other
  2. In the Social tools pane, features like backdrop text, stickers, doodle, and stickers can be found. It has no restrictions of any kind and that’s what makes it a pro-choice.

Bottom line: Advanced users who can do complex editing can go for it. Excellent choice.

Best Photo Editor Apps


Snapseed by Google is one of the most popular, simple and elegant choices out there in the editing arena. What makes it likable is its extremely simple UI (google’s greatest selling point). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, snapseed gives tough competition to every photo editing app in the market.


Like the ones mentioned above, it also comes pre-loaded with features like object cloning, background removal/ changes. In addition to those features, it also comes with a mirror tool and portrait tool. But the best of its features include the pen tool to draw, cutout tool to remove a specific portion of image and adjustment tool to calibrate the filters. You can also use photo editor on mac.

Unique Features Of PhotoDirector:

  1. Availability of artistic presets such as LOMO, Vignette, and HDR.
  2. Dehaze images and keep them free from haze, mist, and fog
  3. Region-specific editing using the Photo fx tool.
  4. Remove unwanted objects and photo bombers by using the content-aware tool.
  5. You can also apply object color change to change the color of a specific object.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app from Adobe, the pioneer of creative editing apps truly justifies its name because it is one of the fastest editing apps in the market with multiple ready to use filters on your fingertips. This app has several new filters like bokeh, grunge, paper, watercolor, raindrops to make your picture look more creative and fantastic.

Not only this, but it also has added text, stickers and adds frames options for your image. It also allows you to highlight any particular color in an image which is exquisite. It allows you to process raw DNG files and doesn’t even compress or lower the quality of images.

Why use Photoshop Express?

  1. 80+ filters to choose from.
  2. Allows user to fix the skewed perspective of an image by its perspective correction feature.
  3. Instant sharing enabled social media buttons.

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