Lightroom vs Photoshop! Brief Comparison in Photo Editing

Everyone takes pictures. It is like saving a moment forever. Earlier we used to draw, make portraits, paintings of things we always wanted to remember but with time, a technology developed and we started taking pictures. With more advancement, we started editing them too. We looked for ways to make that moment captured real, beautiful, amazing or whatever suited our fancy. And, how do we do this? By using tools like Lightroom or Photoshop.

These tools have the power to make or break a photo. You just need to have creativity then you will go a long way. The question that pops up is that is which one is better out of the two? If a person wants to edit, which tool should he go for? Don’t get hassled. This is what we are here for.

Lightroom vs Photoshop! brief Comparison in Photo Editing will help you to get a fair idea. But before we get to that segment of the article, let us discuss these tools first. So, those of you who don’t have much idea will know.

What is Photoshop ?

Photoshop is for photo editing, created for simple editing, the software expanded and developed over time. It is undoubtedly used by designers, architects, photographers, and even publishers. It is also a pixel-level editor which means that if you have this software, then you will be able to have a close and personal look of every dot that constituents your digital image.

What is Lightroom ?

Adobe Lightroom is a subset of Photoshop which is custom designed for contemporary photographers. Lightroom has almost all of the features that are required to enhance your picture. But you should also know that Lightroom is much more than a photo editing software, it helps the user to import, organize, manage, locate your images. Basically, Lightroom is your photo management and photo editing tool which comes without a saving button. Meaning that it is a non-destructive photo-editor that autosaves all the edits and changes that you make. There is a Lightroom catalog which acts as a database of edits and history, so you don’t have the trouble of saving all the changes you have made.

Now back to the topic of Lightroom vs Photoshop! brief Comparison of Photo Editing.

What are the capabilities of Lightroom?

Did you know that Lightroom as a tool comes with a specific set of tools which makes it very user-friendly? Here are the strengths of Lightroom.

1. Process Raw Files: If you use Lightroom then you will be able to adjust settings like exposure, contrast, and saturation. More than that, you will be able to perform actions like sharpening, noise reduction, add vignettes, crop, add spilt toning. You can enhance your picture by applying creative dodging and burning effects using the adjustment brush.

2. You will find efficient workflow as Lightroom covers almost every step of the post-production process. You will have the option to import your images, sort through selects, tag images with keywords, organize collections, do RAW processing, print photos, build web galleries, create slideshows, and even share directly to Facebook and Flickr. Impressive, right?

3. Presets: did you know Lightroom has presets that are similar to actions in Photoshop. The only difference that you can see is that instead of saving the picture in a sequence of steps like how it is done in Photoshop, Lightroom presets save how all the adjustment sliders are configured.

4. It is Nondestructive which means that even though if you are working on RAW files or JPEGS, Lightroom does not edit on the original files. While you are making adjustments, you are actually making a set of instruction of how Lightroom should save a copy of your file.

Lightroom vs Photoshop brief Comparison in Photo Editing let us discuss the strengths of Photoshop.

1. Retouching: Photoshop is known for retouching, removes blemishes, treats stray hair, reduces bags under the eye, performs white teething. Works on all or a specific part of the picture.

2. The tool comes with tools such as the clone stamp, the spot healing brush, patch tool that ensures quick and powerful retouching.

3. Photoshop as a tool works through layers and opacity. This means that you have the option to create different layers of different adjustments and keep a control on the opacity. So, this would give the users precise control over the picture which is being edited.

4. Actions will let you as a user allow you to record the sequence of steps. At the end, all you will have to do is press the save button.

The only weakness that Photoshop has that it is not free. It charges its users and the fee can be a little burden. Whereas, Lightroom is free for all its users.

Conclusion : 

The conclusion of Lightroom vs Photoshop! brief Comparison in Photo Editing is that Lightroom and Photoshop, both are useful tools but the only downside is that Photoshop charges a lot.
For amateurs who want to start editing then Lightroom should be their go-to tool but for people who are a pro at it, should go for Photoshop. Photoshop is a little more complicated than Lightroom and somehow ends up offering more options. Remember there is Snapseed which let us do both types of editing in Snapseed app.

There is no clear-cut winner in this debate as both are equally good for their own respective uses. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

So, this was it on the debate of Lightroom vs Photoshop! brief Comparison in Photo Editing. I hope this was helpful and all your doubts were cleared. If you have doubts and queries, then you can do so by sending me an email or leave a comment down below. I will be glad to resolve them for you. Until, next time readers!

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